Your Turn-Key Partner

LPI Energy: Sustainability and Energy Optimization

Leonard Powers, Inc. has formed a new group LPI Energy, to offer our clients turnkey design-build energy solutions. Our team offers a unique combination of in-house expertise across energy auditing, identifying, designing, and constructing Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), program administration, and project funding.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are an industry leader and tenured, trusted company that embodies the principles of energy conservation as well as optimization. We are a 'green' company committed to sustainability and helping our clients achieve operational and functional goals through the lens of energy conservation compliance. 

Reducing Carbon Footprints

As a trusted partner in steam and mechanical operations, we empower our clients to meet their objectives and positively impact the environment by helping and guiding them to reduce their buildings’ carbon footprint.

Taking Environmental Responsibility

We believe that environmental responsibility and business success are connected rather than mutually exclusive. By integrating sustainable practices into daily operations, we help our clients transform their buildings into eco-friendly spaces while maintaining the day-to-day operations of their businesses. We incorporate advanced energy-efficient solutions, offering our clients significant cost savings, optimal operational efficiency, and a reduced environmental impact.

The LPI Energy Difference

Our team at LPI Energy brings together a unique combination of in-house expertise spanning energy auditing, the discernment, design, and implementation of ECMs, program administration, and project financing.

With a legacy of over seven decades, Leonard Powers has been a trusted partner to the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector and multifamily high-rise residences throughout New York and Northern New Jersey. Our longevity in the industry is a testament to our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

We deeply understand our clients' infrastructural and energy challenges, especially considering New York's Energy Local Law mandates. Our expertise allows us to navigate these challenges effectively, ensuring our clients are always compliant while optimizing their energy efficiency and sustainability efforts.

Exciting News

LPI Energy is now a proud Trade Ally Partner with New Jersey Clean Energy's Combined Heat and Power and Clean Energy Generation Systems Program.

A Local New York Team

Our Energy Efficiency Program Team comprises veterans of utility incentive programs, and Energy Efficiency programs, executing detailed design and construction in New York City and the 5 boroughs.

Team and Culture

People make the difference between good and great teams. Our Energy Program Team is led by industry leaders with a culture of “doing whatever it takes” to get the job done and meet program goals.

Energy Efficiency Expertise

LPI Energy is ideally suited for turnkey energy reduction/solution programs, with in-house expertise in developing and implementing projects of all sizes and scopes.

Tenure and Proven Experience

LPI Energy’s Operations Director has been doing this type of work right here in New York for over 25 years.

Sustainability Service Offerings

Leonard Powers Inc. is a leading provider of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy management solutions for the Real Estate, Commercial, Institutional, and Healthcare Industries. We offer a comprehensive turnkey project platform that delivers expert knowledge, superior service, and firm commitment for verifiable long-term success in energy efficiency strategies. We are not just providers but partners in your journey toward sustainable operations.

Providing lump sum, open-book pricing, or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), we align with the goals and objectives of our clients, taking ownership of all aspects of project design, development, implementation, commissioning, and turnover.

Energy Consulting

Our consulting services include energy benchmarking, energy audits, financial and technical feasibility analysis, grant/rebate assistance, green building (LEED®) consulting, and trainings for professionals and building managers. 

Design and Install

Our design and installation services include solar electric and solar thermal systems; heating, cooling, and HVAC systems; lighting systems; construction management and commissioning. 

Energy Management

We use EnergyScoreCards to provide benchmarking, energy management, measurement and & verification (M&V) services, and visibility to our clients. This tool provides a comprehensive view of energy consumption, allowing us to make data-driven decisions that enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and support environmental sustainability goals for our clients.

We understand the infrastructure and the energy challenges facing our clients now mandated by New York’s Energy Local Law requirements. This includes:


We provide the installation, project management, and oversight of CCHP/CCP systems to help clients improve efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Renewable Energy


Envelop Weatherization

Our service aims to improve the thermal efficiency of your building by addressing air leaks and insulation issues. This can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs while improving overall comfort.

Water Conservation

We implement strategies and technologies to reduce water usage, from efficient fixtures and appliances to rainwater collection systems. This not only conserves a vital resource but also results in substantial savings.


We provide energy-efficient lighting solutions, such as LED technology, that reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, and improve light quality.

High-Efficiency HVAC

We design and install advanced HVAC systems that offer superior energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and greater climate control, all while reducing energy costs.


We offer smart control systems for managing various building systems such as lighting, heating, and cooling, optimizing energy usage, and enhancing comfort and convenience.

Third-Party Utility

We coordinate with third-party utility providers to manage energy supplies and negotiate favorable terms, ensuring reliable service and cost-effective rates.

Utility Invoice Auditing

Our team reviews your utility bills to identify billing errors and potential savings, providing a thorough analysis to ensure you're not overpaying.

Demand Response

We help you participate in demand response programs, which incentivize reducing electricity usage during peak demand periods. This can lead to significant cost savings and contribute to grid stability. 

Cooling Tower Credit

We assist in applying for cooling tower credits, a potential cost-saving opportunity for buildings that use cooling towers and evaporative condensers, ensuring you receive any rebates you're eligible for.

All Local and State Incentive Programs

The State of New York’s Department of Energy (NYSERDA) and Con Edison Energy Programs provide grants to cover costs for qualified capital projects that reduce energy consumption.

Expanding Our Reach into New Jersey

Innovative Partnerships for a Sustainable Future

At LPI Energy, we're proud to announce our new role as a Trade Ally Partner with the New Jersey Clean Energy Program. This collaboration brings our sustainable energy solutions to New Jersey, complementing our long-standing services in New York.

Joining the New Jersey Clean Energy Program's CHP initiative signifies our commitment to innovative energy efficiency. CHP technology optimizes on-site power generation and waste heat utilization, contributing to a more sustainable environment and reducing grid dependency. 

We guide our clients in leveraging New Jersey's generous incentives, including up to $50,000 for Feasibility Studies and 30-40% coverage of project costs through State Incentive Funding. These incentives are a cornerstone in advancing CHP and Fuel Cell technologies in New Jersey. 

As part of our expanded services, we now offer comprehensive solutions in installing and managing various clean energy generation systems under the NJCEP, including:

Fuel Cells

Photovoltaics (Solar Electricity)

Small Wind Systems

Sustainable Biomass Equipment

With rebate amounts ranging from 30–70% of system costs, these initiatives not only foster a greener environment but also offer substantial financial benefits to our clients.

Incentives and Funding

Local and State Incentive Programs

The State of New York’s Department of Energy (NYSERDA) and Con Edison Energy Programs provide grants to cover costs for qualified capital projects that reduce energy consumption. Leonard Powers pursues public incentives and private financing opportunities to support comprehensive energy improvement packages for its clients.

As an Approved Con Edison Market Partner, we assist building owners and managers to gain maximum rebates and financial incentives from City, State, and Federal sources and leverage matching Utility Incentive Programs. Incentives covering up to 50% of the cost to implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) are available if such ECMs reduce per-meter energy usage. 

These incentive programs can offset the cost of new energy-efficient equipment and advanced technologies and even assist with technical studies. Clean Energy Solutions such as Cogeneration can also provide utility heating and cooling as well as the benefit of Utility Reliability during power outages.

Your Trusted Turn-Key Energy Partner

We offer Turn-Key energy conservation solutions

The State of New York's Department of Energy (NYSERDA) and Con Edison Energy Programs provide grants to pay for qualified capital projects which achieve energy consumption reductions.