Founded From Necessity

Leonard Powers was formed during the latter part of World War II to furnish the sales of needed materials to the rapidly expanding building industry and small manufacturers in the New York City area. Leonard Powers expanded their business to include the buying and selling of plumbing-related parts after the War. Our repair business started with acquiring valve reseating tools from the U.S. Navy, which held a patent for valve reseating equipment, enabling efficient in-line valve rebuilds.

Leonard Powers was first located in a small garage on 35th Street between First Avenue and the River. Through the years, the shop's location took several moves, including, at one time, the former studio of a bronze sculptor named Rene Paul Chambellan. Leonard Powers was located at 28th Street between 10th and 11th Avenue for the longest time. It was only in 2014 that Leonard Powers moved from there to its present home on 49th Street.

The Early Days

In the early days, valve repair was strictly an in-house operation. Our key client, Con Edison, was responsible for the complete steam system, encompassing most buildings within their district. As Con Edison shifted their focus from maintaining reducing valves in buildings, Leonard Powers seized the opportunity and launched field service for the replacement and repair of regulators and associated equipment. 

We were instrumental in transitioning from antiquated technology to modern, efficient equipment. We even contributed a working Pendleton clock, used by Con Edison on many of its original valves, to the prestigious Smithsonian Institute.

Evolving and Expanding for the Modern World

Over the years, our repair services have grown exponentially in the field and at the shop.

We have built a reputation of expertise catering to a diverse clientele, from major power plants owned by industry giants such as Lilco, PSE&G, Union Carbide, and Johnson & Johnson, to larger accounts like the Housing Authority of NYC and individual buildings. Our commitment to quality service has elevated us to a leading steam valve sales and service supplier.

In the contemporary world, as valves and their parts have become commodity items, replacing rather than repairing obsolete equipment is often more economical and efficient, particularly with Gate valves. However, Globe-style valves of over 2″ continue to demonstrate economic viability for repair, a testament to our continued dedication to providing a balanced, cost-effective approach.

Leonard Powers Today

Today, Leonard Powers is the industry leader, offering a broad spectrum of services catering to diverse clients.

Driven by our heritage of innovation and commitment to quality service, our mission for the future remains the same - to deliver exceptional service, build sustainable partnerships, and drive the evolution of efficient and cost-effective solutions for our clients. We intend to continue our legacy of being a reliable partner, meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations, and making significant contributions towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Your Trusted Turn-Key Energy Partner

We offer Turn-Key energy conservation solutions

The State of New York's Department of Energy (NYSERDA) and Con Edison Energy Programs provide grants to pay for qualified capital projects which achieve energy consumption reductions.